Takōrezā Leather 多孔レザー

What is Takōrezā Leather?

Takōrezā is a high tech type of micro fiber leather. Takōrezā  in Japanese literally means porous leather. It's breathe-ability makes it extremely comfort to sit on. There is no "sticky" feeling. It has both the benefits of fabric and leather.

It is the highest grade synthetic leather in the industry. A high-tech simulation of high-end leather products. Takōrezā Leather simulates the structure of natural leather, using sea-island superfine micro fiber (ultra-fine fiber bundle), and bonded with high-grade polyurethane biodegradeble resins. Takōrezā technology uses micro needle punched non-woven technology to create a 3D highly stable structure that has a lot of similar strength characters as natural leather. It however has better physical & chemical performance than natural leather. It is fast becoming popular around the world because of its quality and environment friendly properties. It's super performance, has made Takōrezā the optimal alternative of real leather. 

It is used in Japanese premium automobiles, furniture and high fashion European and Japanese products.


What are the key features of Takōrezā Leather?

  1. Its performance is better than the real leather and the surface effect can be identical with real leather but with less imperfections. 
  2. It is tear resistant, abrasion resistance. Its tensile strength is beyond real leather of similar thickness. What's more it is cold-resistant, acid proof, alkali-resisting and non-fading.
  3. It is light weight, soft, has good breathe-ability (hence its name) , smooth, and tidy and free from scarring.
  4. It is antibacterial, anti-mildew, moth (insect) proof.  Its inert and stable structure prevents the release of any harmful substances.
  5. It is very environmental friendly and is biodegradable. It is also recyclable. It just might be one of the ultimate Green Products of the 21st century.
  6. It is easy to tailor and repair. 
  7. It is easy to clean and has no odors.
  8. Most importantly it is Cost-efficient and has much less wastage than real leather.